Our purpose is preserving Brazilian nature.

Who we are

Miguel Krigsner, founder of O Boticário, created in 1990 the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, a non-profit organization maintained by the Boticário Group.

To enable the Foundation's initiatives, as well as those of the Boticário Group Institute and other sustainability actions, the Group allocates 1% of its annual net revenue to the Private Social Investment Policy. The Foundation was born from the understanding that nature´s balance is essential to guarantee humanity´s life. 

To fulfill this purpose, we believe it is important to integrate three areas of action: get to know and maintain natural areas in balance, seeking innovative solutions and society´s engagement on importance of nature conservation for everyone's quality of life. 

mission MissionTo promote and undertake nature conservation actions.
vision VisionInspire nature protection actions for greater resilience and quality of life in society.
values Values
  • Passion for evolution and challenges;
  • Commitment with results;
  • We are straightforward;
  • We value people and relationships.


    Sustainable development, global synergy

    The Foundation's activities are in direct synergy with the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), launched in 2015 by ONU. These SDGs reaffirm a global commitment to the development of lighter national actions and policies, focused on 17 objectives and 169 goals.

    In the graphical representation on this page it is possible to analyze the interdependence between them. The Biosphere, the foundation of all development and all other SDGs, is where the Foundation's focus is, consisting of the four environmental goals: Life on Earth, Life Underwater, Clean Water and Sanitation and Combating Climate Change.




    Corporate Governance

    The governance of the Boticário Group Foundation is driven by structuring pillars focused on strategy, efficiency and transparency, which keep us aligned with the best practices in the third sector. The Board of Trustees holds the leadership of the institution, responsible for establishing strategic guidelines and ensuring the sustainability and perpetuity of the Foundation. Advised by the Fiscal Council, senior management also approves financial statements.

    Board of Trustees

      Audit Committee

        Executive Board

          Protect nature: a shared challenge

          To fulfill the mission and purpose of the Foundation, we count on people who work with integrity and in line with our purpose.

          ​122 Volunteer
          they are experts who assist us while we are evaluating the initiatives that will be supported from our public announcements. 


          A network of partners protecting life

          Nature's conservation is a global interest and has global importance, so having a network of partners is the key to enabling and expanding our actions throughout Brazil.
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