Business and Biodiversity

The Boticário Group Foundation believes that when nature is preserved, not only biodiversity benefits from it, but nature also plays a strategic role towards the country's development. When inserted as part of the solution, nature contributes to successful solutions for social and economic problems, benefiting everyone.

We believe that innovative business models have the potential to generate positive impacts and contribute to solving the world's socio-environmental challenges. Incorporating nature conservation into the social finance agenda is essential. This involves connecting different players capable to strengthen both the economy and the environment.

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Nature Conservation Impact Business

Strong forests, business opportunities

In order to develop and strengthen business-related biodiversity conservation strategies, the Boticário Group Foundation of Nature Protection has sought to influence investors, intermediaries and potential players from impact investment ecosystems to include nature conservation actions in their strategies, in addition to supporting and encouraging the emergence and maturity of conservation impact businesses.

But after all, what is a biodiversity conservation impact business?

The value proposition in these businesses should consider biodiversity conservation to maintain and/or increase the provision of long term ecosystem services, presenting a clear purpose in biodiversity conservation, generating revenue through processes that have this focus, which may be:

• By extracting the natural resource in a balanced way; 

• By using the natural resource where there is no extraction involved, such as ecotourism; 

• Indirect use of natural resources, such as the environmental services market (eg carbon and water quality regulation); 

• Through models that capitalize without using natural resources such as brand enhancement and technological innovation.

*Left infographic font: Aliança pelos Investimentos e Negócios de Impacto.



Araucária +

Business model with integrated conservation strategy.

Working together with the CERTI Foundation, the Boticário Group Foundation supports Araucária +, an initiative for the economic enhancement of the Araucaria forest, an ecosystem that currently has less than 1% of its original area.

Its main focus is the development of new and responsible uses for the raw materials of this ecosystem, which depend on the preservation of the forest conservation to be produced. 

Imagem Ilustrativa Ecossistemas

Imagem Ilustrativa Ecossistemas
Entrepreneur Nature 

In order to think about innovative and different ways of doing nature conservation, the Boticário Group Foundation decided to work with impact businesses that generate biodiversity conservation. The northern coast of Paraná is a well-conserved region, home to the largest continuous remnant of Atlantic forest in Brazil, but has low levels of entrepreneurship.

It is the ideal scenario to hold the first edition of the Entrepreneur Nature Program - an initiative with participants from the municipalities of Paranaguá, Antonina, Morretes and Guaraqueçaba with the objective of expanding the entrepreneurial potential aimed at generating positive social and environmental impact in these regions. Biodiversity, nature, conserved ecosystems can be seen as an asset for local entrepreneurs to be able to generate revenue and turn their businesses into businesses of positive nature conservation impact.