Biodiversity Conservation


Boticario Group Foundation believes that knowing and maintaining natural areas and their species in balance is the most effective way to preserve biodiversity.

 The scientific knowledge is an important ally on nature conservation, especially when creates opportunities to subsidize public policies and protection practices of endangered species and ecosystems. For this reason, the Foundation Boticario Group supports the scientific research since the beginning of its operations and giving financial support to research projects focused on environment.

Moreover, the Foundation assists the creation of new Conservation Units – such as Full Protection areas and Private Reserves of Nature Wealth – therefore, fully preserving the ecosystems, the species have the opportunity to continue living on their natural habitat.

Atlantic Forest 
Great Reserve

In order to help to preserve the last huge and continuous remnant of the Atlantic Forest, the Boticário Group Foundation works with a network of partners to empower the area's resident population and foster social entrepreneurship, so that we can generate a sustainable tourism demand.

In addition, the movement seeks to improve the extent/amplitude and implementation of protected areas in this area and thus reduce the amount of endangered species in the region.