Biodiversity Conservation


Boticario Group Foundation believes that knowing and maintaining natural areas and their species in balance is the most effective way to preserve biodiversity.

The scientific knowledge is an important ally on nature conservation, especially when creates opportunities to subsidize public policies and protection practices of endangered species and ecosystems. For this reason, the Foundation Boticario Group supports the scientific research since the beginning of its operations and giving financial support to research projects focused on environment.

Moreover, the Foundation assists the creation of new Conservation Units – such as Full Protection areas and Private Reserves of Nature Wealth – therefore, fully preserving the ecosystems, the species have the opportunity to continue living on their natural habitat.

Imagem Ilustrativa Mudanças Climáticas
Salto Morato 
Natural Reserve

The Atlantic Forest preserved for the new generations

The Salto Morato Natural Reserve is located in Guaraqueçaba, northern coast of Paraná. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is inserted in the largest continuous remnant of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, contributing to the conservation of this biome here more than 70% of the Brazilian population lives.

Since 1994, the Boticário Group Foundation has been contributing to the conservation of 2,253 hectares of this biome, helping to preserve species that only exist there, as well as several endangered species. Open to visitation, the Reserve has a unique biodiversity that
attracts researchers and birdwatchers, as well as tourists from several states and countries.

Among the main attractions to visit, there is an  approximately 100-meter-high waterfall, which names the Reserve, and a centennial tree whose trunk forms a living bridge over the Engenho River.

  • Ingresso
    R$ 20,00 (inteira)
    R$ 10,00 (meia)
  • Camping
    Daily rate of R$ 15,00 per person. Advance booking required by
    phone or email

  • Ingresso
    Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from
    8.30am to 4pm
  • Ingresso

    (41) 3375-9671
    (41) 98827-4134 (WhatsApp)
  • Ingresso
    Rodovia PR, 405
    Comunidade Morato Guaraqueçaba - PR
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The Salto Morato Natural Reserve has been open to visitors since 1994 and has already received over 130,000 visitors.

The visits can take place from Tuesday to Sunday and do not need a guide, as the trails are interpretive.

However, for organized groups it is necessary to schedule the visit.


  • Trilhas
    The Reserve has two trails open to the public: Salto Morato and Figueira. Both trails are self-guided and have facilities such as rest points, drinking fountains, dumpsters and interpretative signs about the local fauna and flora.
    The Salto trail leads to the Salto Morato waterfall and also includes the natural aquarium, where river bathing is allowed. The Figueira Trail leads to the giant fig tree of Rio do Engenho - centennial tree that houses several species of plants and animals associated with them. Another attraction on this trail is the steel cable crossing over the river, known as Falsa Baiana.
  • Observação de aves (Birdwatching)
    Did you know that we have special times and trails for birders which desire to visit the Reserve?

    On Salto Morato Natural Reserve we register more than 320 species, including Swallow-tailed Manakin, Yellow-legged Tinamou, White-necked Hawk and many others, including the endemic ones from Atlantic Forest – in other words, which are just fond on this biome. To house a huge variety of species, the Reserve is indicated like proper site to practice birdwatching and frequently receive visitants' fans of this activity. What do you think about take a binocular and a digital camera and come to bird in our trails?

    You just need to follow the instructions of or Good Practices Guide and fulfill a quick register of birdwatcher! The birdwatchers are important to give support on the control of our species and on the service improvement for our birder public! Find out more and download articles on the website library.
  • Banho de rio
    River bath
    How about a river bath among the fish? The Reserve has a natural aquarium with clear waters, perfect for a refreshing swim, especially on sunny and hot days.
  • Centro de visitantes
    Visitor Center
    When arriving at the Reserve, the public is welcomed at the Visitor Center. An explanation about Lagamar mosaic of protected areas - which the Reserve is part of - is offered, as well as the species of fauna and flora in the region and the infrastructure of the place.

    The visitor receives tips and suggestions that can help them enjoy their outing to the full. 

  • Camping
    The Salto Morato Natural Reserve has a structure for camping, which holds up to 30 people in tents.
    Barbecue grills and bathrooms with hot showers are also available to campers. The daily rate is R$15.00 per person.
  • Alojamento
    The Reserve has accommodations with beds, kitchen and bathrooms. The space can be used by organized groups or by participants of pre-scheduled field classes. Prior contact with Reserve staff is required to check space availability and book the accommodation.

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