Proteger o patrimônio natural brasileiro: um direito de todos


Engaging an increasing number of audience to the conservation cause. 

From this point of view, the Boticário Group Foundation works to engage society, institutions and companies, making them aware about the importance of contributing to nature conservation. 

These are movements and actions through which we foster Brazilian scientific research and environmental education, in addition to influencing public policies, creating influencers’ networks and encouraging the connection between human beings and nature. 


      The Boticário Group Foundation has more than 1 million followers on social medias and, through them, it disseminates content about nature conservation and promotes awareness and engagement campaigns about  the environmental cause. 

      The #OurPresentIsTheFuture campaign instigates everyone to reflect on our daily actions that has impact today and tomorrow. Ensuring the future is a present matter. Check out the campaign video.