​Oasis Network

The Oasis Network is an initiative that connects strategic actors from different sectors to nature conservation on particular properties. With the support of Boticário Group Foundation, the partners exchange experiences, act in training and engagement actions, influence the structuring of public and private policies in various regions of Brazil and strengthen initiatives that utilize nature as part of solutions to socioeconomic problems.

The Oasis Network was formalized in 2018 from the knowledge gained during more than 10 years of the Oasis program implementation, focused on Payment for Environmental Services, and the shift to acting in collaborative network format. Today, in addition to this tool, the network covers other Nature based Solutions tools, which enhances its performance.

The Oasis Network is a way of increasing society's resilience to climate change and land use change. It is also a way of showing that nature conservation is not an obstacle to economic development, but an opportunity to secure long-term social well-being and business. 

  • Fortalecimento
    (inter) institutional
  • Incentivar Políticas Públicas
    public policies
  • Soluções baseadas na natureza (SbN)
    Strengthen the Agenda
    Nature based Solutions

​Oasis Lab Guanabara Bay

Oasis Lab Guanabara Bay is an innovation environment in search of solutions for conservation and restoration of the environment in Guanabara Bay.

During 2019, it was carried out by the Boticário Group Foundation in partnership with Firjan and Inea in Rio de Janeiro, and with technical execution of Sense-lab. Several workshops on co-creation and prototype mentoring were held, aiming at the deconstruction of individual visions and the construction of a common vision among actors from different sectors, with a single goal: water security and coastal-marine resilience of Guanabara Bay.

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