Biodiversity Conservation


Boticario Group Foundation believes that knowing and maintaining natural areas and their species in balance is
the most effective way to preserve biodiversity. 

The scientific knowledge is an important ally on nature conservation, especially when creates opportunities to subsidize
public policies and protection practices of endangered species and ecosystems. For this reason, the Foundation Boticario Group supports the scientific
research since the beginning of its operations and giving financial support to research projects focused on environment.

Moreover, the Foundation assists the creation of new Conservation Units – such as Full Protection areas and
Private Reserves of Nature Wealth – therefore, fully preserving the ecosystems, the species have
the opportunity to continue living on their natural habitat.

Imagem Ilustrativa Mudanças Climáticas
Serra do Tombador 
Natural Reserve

Conservation  and research in the Brazilian Cerrado

Serra do Tombador Natural Reserve is located in the Northeastern 
of Goiás, in Cavalcante, almost on the border with Tocantins.
According to the Ministry of Environment, the Reserve is in an extremely high priority region for biodiversity conservation.

It has an area equivalent to 9,000 soccer fields
in the Cerrado, a biome that houses the springs
of the 3 main hydrographic basins in Brazil.

Maintained by the Boticário Group Foundation since 2007, the Reserve
is in one of the most protected areas of the Brazilian Cerrado.
Because access is difficult, it is not open for visits,
maintaining its focus on conservation and research.


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