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Biodiversity Conservation


Boticario Group Foundation believes that knowing and maintaining natural areas and their species in balance is
the most effective way to preserve biodiversity.

The scientific knowledge is an important ally on nature conservation, especially when creates opportunities to subsidize
public policies and protection practices of endangered species and ecosystems. For this reason, the Foundation Boticario Group supports the scientific
research since the beginning of its operations and giving financial support to research projects focused on environment.

Moreover, the Foundation assists the creation of new Conservation Units – such as Full Protection areas and
Private Reserves of Nature Wealth – therefore, fully preserving the ecosystems, the species have
the opportunity to continue living on their natural habitat.

Perennial commitment to Brazilian nature

One of the Boticário Group Foundation's first initiative, the Public Announcement for Support to Projects has been presenting positive results
to the conservation for over two decades. Together, we have already supported over 1,500 initiatives across the country.

If they have their study periods added up, these initiatives result in over 1,000 years dedicated to conservation in Brazil.

Through this Public Announcement, the Foundation seeks to support practical actions for conservation of species and ecosystems, as well
as enabling actions that implement effective public policies for the protection of biodiversity, and we also work to
disseminate the scientific knowledge generated. Together, these initiatives constitute support lines for projects and programs
that effectively contribute to nature conservation in Brazil.

  • 1599
    Initiatives supported
  • 80
    Million reais
    (invested in the initiatives)
  • 176
    Species discovered
  • 545
    Protected areas benefited

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How does it work?

During more than 28 years of operation throughout the country, the Boticário Group Foundation achieved significant results supporting projects and other initiatives. One of the main ones was the discovery of 176 new species, that seven of them received the “Boticario” honour title.
In addition to this example - which is a reflection of all dedication to the cause  - there is also the credibility that the Foundation has gained. Thanks to it, we can count on a group of volunteer consultants composed by 122 specialists that are responsible for analyzing the proposals submitted to each support line. During the selection process that we developed, each proposal goes through the individual evaluation by the consultants, and it is later send to a Technical Committee formed by a group of these consultants. In the final stage, the project goes to the Board of Trustees of the Boticário Group Foundation.