Photo: Zig Koch
Photo: Zig Koch

Become a Volunteer

The Estação Natureza Pantanal (Estação Natureza Pantanal Exhibit) and the Reserva Natural Salto Morato (Salto Morato Natural Reserve) receive volunteers during the entire year.

Any person over 18 years old can participate in the volunteer program. The selection occurs approximately 30 days prior and is done based on a registration form and the candidate’s résumé.

In the case of the Natural Reserve, we fund transportation between the Protected Area and the nearest capital (Curitiba), as well as food and lodging. The number of volunteers selected for each period depends on the demands of the activities and the program may last up to three months.

At the Estação Natureza Pantanal, on the other hand, volunteers receive transportation aid. Food and lodging are paid for by participants in the program and the volunteer working period is 4 hours a day.

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