Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.
Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.

Call For  Proposals​

  • 1,528 supported initiatives, which addEd together reach 1,000 years dedicated to the conservation of nature.
  • 172 new species described.
  • Over 115 volunteer experts, dedicating to the analysis of proposals  received.
Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.

Grantmaking was the first initiative by the Fundação Grupo Boticário (Boticário Group Foundation) with concrete positive results for conservation for over two decades.

In all, 1,528 initiatives from 501 institutions from all over the country have been supported. If the study periods of these initiatives were to be all added together, it would result in over a thousand years dedicated to conservation in Brazil. In the scope of these projects, 172 new species were described, 257 endangered species were studied, and 504 protected areas were benefited, resulting in concrete impacts for biodiversity conservation.

Through grantmaking, we seek to support practical actions for the conservation of species and ecosystems, to enable actions of implementation of efficient public policies for the protection of biodiversity, and to disseminate the scientific knowledge generated.

Financial Support Lines

Our financial support lines aim at sponsoring projects and programs that effectively contribute to nature conservation in Brazil.

Currently, we provide four lines of financial support: the Public Announcement for Support to Projects, which began in the early 1990s and is directed to all regions in the country; the Biodiversity in Paraná Public Announcement, in partnership with Fundação Araucária, which aims at supporting projects from institutions from Paraná whose goal is the conservation of species and ecosystems in the state of Paraná and its neighboring areas, with priority given to the Paraná Pine Forest and the Lagamar region; the Support to Programs Public Announcement, a line of financial support to medium- and long-term actions, aiming at conservation results and greater-impact public policies; and the Program of Support to Research in the Preserves, destined to researchers that wish to develop studies at our Nature Preserves.