Estação Natureza São Paulo Exhibit. Photo: Antônio Carlos Carreiro
Estação Natureza São Paulo Exhibit. Photo: Antônio Carlos Carreiro

Estação Natureza Exhibit

An adventure through Brazil's natural wonders.

Estações Natureza (Estação Natureza Exhibits) were created in partnership with the Boticário Group and aim at providing awareness to the population about the environment.

The project uses interactivity to approach environmental issues and has permanent exhibitions in the city of São Paulo and Corumbá (state of Mato Grosso do Sul), and a travelling exhibition that will travel over 15,000 kilometers, stopping by ten Brazilian capitals, bringing a unique experience full of entertainment, information, and awareness on the importance of nature to all families.

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Estação Natureza Exhibits: stop, look, and enjoy.

São Paulo is the largest city in the country and hosts one of the Estações Natureza. It is possible, in there, to “go on a trip” through all biomes in Brazil, living each reality from image projections, temperature simulations, photographic panels, and models of animals and plants that, often, one does not imagine they exist.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, the Estação Natureza Pantanal gives an idea of the importance of this biome – the wetlands – for Brazilian biodiversity. In a playful and educational manner, visitors deepen their knowledge about the region and are able to discover all its wealth.

The Nature Station Connection is a travelling, interactive, and sensorial exhibition about Brazilian biomes that will travel all over the country bringing entertainment about the importance of nature conservation. Its six interactive stations will offer latest-generation resources such as virtual reality goggles, sensorial movies, Kinect-style game platforms, and touchscreen monitors using the Motion by Hands technology.