Foto: Zig Koch
Foto: Zig Koch

Conexão Estação Natureza Exhibit


Believing that it is possible to touch people through beauty and reestablish their connection to nature, the Boticário Group Foundation has created the Nature Station Connection.

An interactive, sensory, and pioneering exhibition that has invited thousands of families to embark on an amazing trip filled with entertainment, knowledge, and awareness about the importance of the environment.

With 6 interactive stations, visitors have access to latest-generation resources such as virtual reality goggles, a sensory cinema, a Kinect-style gaming platform, and touchscreen interfactes with Motion by Hands technology.

From 2015-2017, the Nature Station Connection has visited 20 cities, reaching over 11 million people. There have been 20 thousand miles of travels, 555 days of exhibition, and over 20 thousand students from 492 schools learned the importance of nature preservation.


Connection Station - An unforgettable experience that will present the connection between all beings in the planet through a sensorial voyage.

Conservation Station in Practice - Visitors will be able to travel throughout Brazil using their fingertips using the Touch Map, discovering facts about Protected Areas in a dynamic movie and going on a journey into the most endangered biomes using the Motion by Hands technology.

Guardians of Nature Station - A Kinect game that aims at easing or annulling situations that put Brazilian biomes at risk.

Natural Beauty Station - In a flight using virtual reality goggles, visitors will be able to witness the consequences of climate changes.

Power Station - Bicycles that, by working together, will light a tree representing the joint effort.

I Like Station - Using touchscreen monitor, participants will show their support for the cause.