Photo: Adrian Moss
Photo: Adrian Moss

Salto Morato NaturAL reserve

Photo: Adrian Moss

The Reserva Natural Salto Morato (Salto Morato Natural Reserve) has been open to visitation since 1996. Public usage of the location aims at providing visitors with awareness on the conservationist cause, resulting in opportunities for leisure in contact with nature.

The Reserve is a refuge for those who seek rest and natural beauty, and every year it receives over 7,000 visitors from Brazil and from abroad. Get in touch with us and schedule a visit.

  • Admittance BrR$ 10,00
    BrR$ 5,00 
    (half price)
  • Camping Daily rate of BrR$ 15.00 per person. Reservation is required and can be
    done either by telephone or by email.
  • Times Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.*
  • Contact 55-41-3375-9671 / 9727-0712

* Entrance is allowed until 4:30 P.M.


  • Trails
    Photo: José Paiva


    The Reserve offers two trails open to the general public: the Salto Morato Falls Trail and the Fig Tree Trail. Both are self-guided and present facilities such as rest stops, water fountains, trash bins, and interpretative signs about local fauna and flora.

    The Salto Morato Falls Trail leads to the Salto Morato Falls, and also includes a natural aquarium in the route, where bathing in river waters is allowed. The Fig Tree Trail, on its turn, leads to the giant fig tree over the Engenho River – a centenary tree that shelters several plant and animal species associated to it. Another attraction in this trail is the crossing of the river using a bridge made of steel cables, called “falsa baiana”.

  • Birdwatching
    Photo: Zig Koch


    The list of birds of the Reserva Natural Salto Morato records the occurrence of over 320 species, several of which are endemic to the Atlantic Forest – that is, they are found only in this biome. Because it shelters a great variety of species, the Preserve is indicated as a good site for Birdwatching and frequently receives visitors who practice this activity.

  • Swimming in the River
    Photo: José Paiva

    Swimming in the River

    What about swimming among the fish in a river? The Reserve has a natural aquarium of clear water, perfect for a refreshing swim, especially in hot and sunny days.

  • Visitors’ Center
    Photo: Foundation Collection

    Visitors’ Center

    When arriving to the Reserve, the public is welcomed to the Visitors' Center, where a permanent exhibiton is offered, presenting information about the Atlantic Forest, the Lagamar mosaic of protected areas – of which the Reserve is part –, the fauna and flora species in the region, and the infrastructure in the location. The visitor also receives tips on how to best enjoy the visit.

Accommodation Options and Food

  • Camping

    Photo: Foundation Collection

    The Reserva Natural Salto Morato presents structure for camping, which lodges up to 30 people in tents. Barbecue pits and bathrooms with hot shower are also at the campers’ disposal. The daily rate is BrR$ 15.00 per person.

  • Lodging

    Photo: Foundation Collection

    The Salto Morato Natural Reserve provides accomodation with beds, cooking facilities, showers and toilets. The premises can be pre-booked by organized groups or participants of field classes but it is essential to contact the local team in advance to check availibility for any bookings.

  • Food

    Photo: Foundation Collection

    In order to serve both visitors and researchers, the Preserve has a snack bar that offers sandwiches, portions, snacks, soda and juices. The establishment, which is located next to the camping area, is managed by a local partner from the town of Guaraqueçaba. 
    *From December to March - open Tuesday to Sunday; In November and April - open Thursday to Sunday; other months of the year - open weekends only.

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