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Araracanga. Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.


08 out 2018

Yerba mate becomes children's paint

Raw material is used to produce organic pigment that has also delighted visual artists

New paint color name: yerba mate green​
A new color that depicts nature is now part of the organic paints’ palette for a Rio de Janeiro startup: yerba mate green, the color of gardens - of the Atlantic Rainforest or Araucaria Forests -, has been included among the Mancha brand vegetal pigments, which also include cocoa, saffron, and achiote(annatto)-based products.

The goal of the product is to offer healthy and unlimited fun for children: painting, playing and creating happy memories with nature-based resources. For the new color, the brand approached Araucária+, an initiative that arose from a partnership between the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection and the CERTI Foundation, and that aims to innovate in business that contribute to the conservation of the Araucaria Forests, one of the most threatened ecosystems in Brazil.

According to Amon Costa, Mancha partner, each jar of paints tells a story. “We've worked on developing this paint for seven years. Yerba mate paint is the first to be structured within a responsible chain of processing and handling. Thus, with this work, we've carried an entire process of life, preservation, and sustainability and, through it, we've been able to show the values present in the company brand,” he comments.

The paint is 100% vegetal, free of heavy metals and petrol products, offers no health risks to consumers and does not pollute the environment. “The result is that when you open the paint jar, you know inside it is an opportunity to contribute with the preservation of the Araucaria Forest, and with producers who are committed to properly managing the forest, not using pesticides, not scorching the earth, among other actions to contribute with the sustainable development of the region,” says Victor Augusto Moreira, an agent in the Araucária+ initiative.

The paint can be purchased at and​​​