Nome da Foto
Araracanga. Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.


23 jun 2017
Apoio a Projetos

18 new projects for nature conservation will receive support from the Foundation

Initiatives have been accepted in the Brazilian biomes of the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Caatinga. In total, the resources allocated reach R$1.5 million

Key: The Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus), mascot of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, is one of the beneficiaries of the projects supported by the Foundation.

Credit: Samuel Portela

Do you know what the relationship is between the South Atlantic’s largest Marine nursery, the Lagamar (São Paulo/Paraná), and the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in the State of Goiás? These ecosystems are covered in the 18 projects which have been approved in the last call for proposals of the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection.

These and other species and natural environments will receive further resources for their protection, based on initiatives selected to receive financial support, for periods varying from 1 to 3 years. The majority of the projects (13) were selected through the Foundation’s traditional Call for Proposals, which, in its last issue, focused on the Cerrado and Caatinga biomes. The other initiatives (5) were selected by the Paraná Biodiversity Call for Proposals, undertaken by the Foundation in partnership with the Araucária Foundation. 

The Foundation’s coordinator for Science and Information, Emerson Oliveira, explains that “supporting nature conservation actions is a form of encouraging the undertaking of scientific research in Brazil, and viabilizes practical nature conservation actions.” Over 26 years, the institution has supported approximately 1500 initiatives, benefiting 496 conservation areas and viabilizing the discovery of 146 new species.